Global Merchandise On Demand

The easiest way to sell merch to your fans in and outside Japan.

Why Creators Work With Us

Risk free

With our on-demand model there is no cost and fans can order a minimum of 1. Creators even earn money when an item is re-sold.


With our global printing partners like Dai Nippon Printing we only offer quality merch.

Bilingual Customer Support.

We handle customer support in both English and Japanese.

Blockchain proof of Authenticity

Each item comes with a digital certificate of authenticity secured on blockchain - this means its unhackable and lasts forever.

Bundle digital extras

You can also bundle digital extras like video, artwork or ebooks!

How it works

You are a creator with a global audience. You want to offer authentic merchandise to your fans around the world without worrying about inventory, fulfillment and language barriers.

Step 1

Select the Products

Select the products you want to produce and upload your artwork and extras.

Step 2

Get your Storefront

We take care of all the details and build your bi-lingual e-commerce store.

Step 3

Get paid

Share with your fans, gain insight through analytics and get paid!

Let's Get Started!

Contact us today to get on-board!