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02 Jul 2019


Sana suddenly awakes and is transported to a dream world by someone or something? What she experiences will change her life in the real world forever. The stunning debut short film completely written, animated and produced by syo5 (""Shogo"") a talented new director graduate from Tokyo University of the Arts (""Geidai"")  Brought to you by BlockPunk in collaboration with studio Arch inc. as a video token package secured on blockchain. The world's 1st blockchain anime film!  Only 500 video tokens have been minted. 

Each video token entitles the owner to the streaming version of the movie, along with special extras such as the directors audio commentary, production artwork and designs for the film, English subtitles and the chance to win an exclusive artwork from the director himself for 1 lucky token holder chosen by raffle. 

Synopsis: In her dream, Sana meets Vevara a creature who paints pictures on the ground with a cane. What becomes a nightly rendezvous brings her deeper into a fantasy world. It's strange but fun. One day her dream clashes with reality producing a nightmare with some bad memories. Vevara steps in to help ...

Director: syo5 
Writer: syo5 
Producer: syo5 
Character Designer: syo5 
Voice of Sana: Manami Numakura 
Voice of Vevara: Junya Enoki 
Music: Whoo 
Sound: Yoshiki Masuda 
Recording: Haruka Matsushita 
©︎2019 syo5 

NOTE: After purchase, your ownership of the video token will be recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, therefore the movie may take a few minutes to appear in your profile collection. Currently the iOS mobile chrome browser is not supported for playback. 

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All sales are final. Once the tokens have sold out, each token is tradeable on the BlockPunk platform with a percentage going back to the creator. The video is protected with industry-standard DRM and recorded on blockchain to protect the creators rights and record ownership. Learn more.

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