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**Special Price Discount Promotion for the Season 2 Announcement! + First 50 orders come bundled with postcards personally autographed by the voice actresses!** Winners will be notified by email.

Zombie Land Saga character Junko Konno reimagined by the series character designer Fukugawa-sensei exclusively for BlockPunk. Each print includes the DNP Primo Art printed on demand in Japan, BlockPunk NFC-enabled digital certificate of authenticity secured on the Ethereum blockchain, and a Crypto Art Collectible of the same title to own. For more details on Smart Print Art: https://faq.blockpunk.net/en/articles/3106071

See demo of A4 print to scan the NFC certificate:

Pre-order start: 4th July 2019 Pre-order end: 4th October 2019. Items will ship in order from the end of the pre-order period.

A2 Size H750xW568xD30mm
A4 Size H402xW311xD30mm

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Anime Title:
Zombie Land Saga

Anime Year:

Anime Description:
A typical morning. The usual music. Their normal lives. The peace these seven girls experience will suddenly be destroyed. By the living dead... zombies. A reality that they never wanted a part of, an amazing and terrifying zombie world. They all share one wish: "We want to live." These girls will struggle through this saga, in order to achieve a miracle. MAPPA, Avex Pictures, and Cygames team up to bring you a juicy, 100% original anime. A timeless shocker for all audiences, a brand new style of zombie anime, will soon rise.

Character Designer:
Kasumi Fukagawa

Munehisa Sakai

Story Editor:
Shigeru Murakoshi

Other Staff:
Original Author   Zombie Public Relations Department 
Art Director  Kazuo Ogura
Director of Photography  Takashi Yanagida
Colour  Design Azusa Sasaki
Editing  Masahiro Goto
Music  Yasuharu Takanashi
Music Production   Avex Pictures
Sound Director  Munehisa Sakai
Sound Production  dugout
Animation Production  MAPPA

© ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会

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You're purchasing a unique limited edition art print. You're purchasing the non-commercial rights to this creation. You do not own the underlying intellectual property rights or copyright. All sales are final. Learn more.

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