About us

We unlock creativity by using print on demand and blockchain.

BlockPunk is a next-gen studio that uses blockchain to help creators merchandise and build community.

Made with love in Singapore and Tokyo.

CEO/Founder Julian at Anime Expo with Studio Mappa

CEO/Founder Julian at Anime Expo with Studio Mappa

"We created BlockPunk to help Japanese anime creators solve the problem of merchandise piracy and inefficiency and in turn create a fairer ecosystem. We’re passionate about using technology and startups to improve people’s lives and we see a lot of potential in blockchain. 

When I was in charge of anime at Netflix I noticed that fans around the world wanted merch as soon as a new Netflix original like Devilman Crybaby came out, but it wasn’t available. Due to complex distribution and licensing, creators only make a small cut and fans in every country don’t get access to merch in a timely manner. This leads to a huge pirate market. 

Anime merchandise is worth $8Billion and the wider global collectibles space is worth $200Billion so it’s a big problem! We partnered with Dai Nippon Printing, Japan’s largest printing company to build a smart print-on-demand platform for creators that uses blockchain to authenticate every single piece of merch and bundle digital extras. Creators make more money, fans get unique authentic merch secured on blockchain.

Creators can concentrate on what they do best - making more great content and engaging fans!"

Why creators work with us

We work with DNP and other global partners to make high quality on-demand merch shipped directly to fans in Japan and around the world. Why are we different?

smart artprint certificate

Each item of merchandise comes with a digital certificate of authenticity secured on blockchain.

That means it is un-hackable, lasts forever and is provably scarce. This opens the door for digital extras and apps only available to merch owners.

Passionate about Japan, content and creators.

Our team DNA is content, content, content with backgrounds from Netflix, Warner Bros, Toho, Comixwave from Tokyo to Hollywood.

Bi-lingual support

Based in Singapore and Tokyo we remove the language barrier and support creators and fans across the world with a fully bi-lingual solution.


We are honoured to be supported by leading investors from Japan, Silicon Valley, the Singapore government, Asia and the UK.

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What we stand for

We believe we can positively change the anime industry.

We believe blockchain technology can create fairer organisations that are community-driven

We believe the future of merchandise is authentic mass customisation