1. Earn extra income by minting limited edition digital copies of video or artwork. Earn even when an item gets resold.
  2. Protect your rights by recording your video and art on blockchain.
  3. Crowdfund new projects from a global audience by pre-selling digital copies and tokens.
How does this work?


  1. Collect limited edition video or artwork from your favourite creators.
  2. Earn money from trading and reselling digital content.
  3. Support your favourite creators' new projects and get exclusive access.
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Exclusive Smart Art Prints

dnp print
  1. Smart Art prints made by Japan's largest printing company DNP (Dai Nippon Printing)
  2. Comes with NFC-enabled digital certificate of authenticity secured on blockchain - the world's 1st!
  3. Primo Art Printer covers a colour spectrum not possible with normal methods and is manually fine-tuned by DNP's Printing Director in consultation with the original artist

Now available for the first time ever outside Japan! Find out more.

Exclusive on BlockPunk

Vevara In Your Dream

World's 1st blockchain anime film by exciting new director "syo5" 

Only 500 video tokens minted. Each token comes with Exclusive Extras: Director's Audio Commentary, production art and English subs. 1 token holder will receive an exclusive art commision from the director himself! (by raffle)

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